Friday, May 18, 2012

Uniting Church at Dalveen built by volunteers in 1956.  It looks like it has been decommissioned as it is currently for sale -
St Barnabas Anglican Church, built in 1903.  There's a service here the 4th Sunday of every month

View across to the old Dalveen Saw Mill

This is where it all happens, the Post Office, Dalveen Village Crafts and then to the right of picture and not photographed, Action Graphics.

I think this is the old Butcher Shop, built in 1912.  This shop and land is currently up for sale for $160,000 or nearest offer.  Bruce Judge of Ariadne fame bought this land 2 (or maybe 3 years ago - it all goes by so quickly) and the plan was to set up a complex which would include a wine outlet, (with a big wine bottle) and a restaurant.  We were so looking forward to sauntering down the road for a gourmet meal but alas it wasn't to be.  Maybe someone else will buy it and develop the site.

Jim Mitchell Park.  You wouldn't believe the number of campervans, caravans etc that overnight at this park.  On one very busy night I counted 15 separate parties of people overnighting in this park.

The new home of the Rural Fire Brigade

Jean Coomber Playground

The Dalveen Hall - built in 1939.  QCWA meets here.  The extension to the left is the supper room.  The Sports Club has meals here on a Friday night.

The Dalveen School was built in 1892 and moved to this particular site in 1913

Meeting of 3 streets in Dalveen Village

Tilly sitting on the frosty ground

Tilly eating some frosty grass - yummm

Chinese Pistachio looking a treat in its autumn colours

Tilly soaking up some rays

Jamesy all rugged up with her pup Tilly

How beautiful is Dalveen at this time of the year.  Perfect sunny days, not too cold, just right.  Crisp mornings with frost on the ground.  Autumn colours on the trees.  Perfect weather for casseroles.  Our friend Ruth came up for a couple of nights and so we had a slow cooked chicken casserole on night one, and then a beef casserole on night two.  Once the sun went down we sat in front of the log fire drinking hearty reds and reminiscing about times of old.  Oh and of course, discussing our various ailments.  I wonder if other 60 year olds get into long and meaningful conversations about their health issues.  I'm sure they do.  Tilly is loving her introduction to life in the country.  We have been highly amused by her antics at Dalveen.  She has grown immensely - she will be 13 weeks on Sunday.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got out and about and took some photographs of Dalveen village which I'll post tonight.  Of course there's also the mandatory shots of Tilly.  We have had 3 sub zero nights so far, so maybe this year it will snow.  Something we have wished for every year for 10 years we've owned the house at Dalveen.  No luck so far, but maybe this year - fingers crossed.